Starting New.


Hi! I’m Kari.  I started this blog simply to have a way to write out what I’m feeling or share things I’m doing.  I felt that it would be good for me, and I absolutely love to write, so here I am!  I am a young mother of two beautiful young girls, Jade 17 months, Arya 1 month.  I have a whole lot going on all the time, and thought it may be fun to share.  I love reading other blog posts, and hope one day, people will love to read mine too.  My main love in life is my girls for sure.  They are my entire world.  Aside from them, I have my husband, Will, and recently, I have developed a love for cooking and baking. I stay home with my girls all week and work the weekends when Will is off, so I stay super busy all of the time.  I am really surprised by the person I am now.  I never wanted kids, always thought I would never be married nor have children, but I am so glad I did.  They have become my entire world.  I have a pure love of Psychology, and I plan to return to school soon to continue my education for it.  Reading is my passion, and even though I do not have a lot of time for it lately with everything else going on, I still love it and try every chance I get.  Well, that’s me.  This is my first time blogging, so I’m still figuring everything out.  I hope you will enjoy this blog.


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