Regrets? no more.

Regrets? no more.

This writing prompt really interested me.  In so many different situations, I have felt regret.  Most of the people I know talk all the time about how much they regret this or that, but lately I’ve wondered, do you really need to regret anything?  Maybe you made a bad decision, a mistake, or just did something you absolutely knew was the wrong thing to do, do you need to regret it?  All regret does is make you feel badly about what you’ve done, the decisions you made, or yourself entirely.  On countless occasions, I have done all of these things, and honestly, I used to regret them too.

Then my turning point hit.

I had done the worst thing I think I could have ever done.  I was unfaithful.

I felt so guilty and regretful for months and months. 

What I did was horrible.  No doubt about it.  I have moved on, though, from hating myself and regretting what I did, all for the sole purpose of my daughters.  Jade was already here.  I couldn’t abandon being a good mother to her because I felt badly about what I had done.  I had to be there for her, to provide for her, and take care of her.  Then there was Arya.  The beautiful baby girl that I had not come to know yet.  She was quickly forming in my belly.  The worst decision I could have ever made is also one of the most precious gifts I have come to receive.  She is the product of my unfaithfulness.  How could I regret something that gave me such a wonderful gift?

Had I continued to be regretful, I believe that I may have resented my daughter.  I could never allow that to happen.  My children mean the world to me, no matter how they came to be here.  I cannot hate myself for what I did, because I need to be able to be the mother they need and deserve. 

I encourage everyone to stop being regretful about anything they have done as well.  It is harmful to yourself.  Think about it in a new light.  Instead of how what you did was wrong or bad, think how life would be different if you didn’t do whatever it is you did.  I understand that could be hurtful as well, but regrets are simply mistakes that you have yet to learn from.  The more you make, the wiser you shall become.  Not saying I am wise by any means, but I have had my fair share of regrets.  I hit rock bottom, and they all came flooding to me.  I decided not to stay down.  Anything I had done would simply make me stronger.  Now, I don’t let nearly as many things affect me like they used to. 


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