A child’s voice..

ImageThis quote is interesting by itself for sure, but it has so much meaning behind it.  It could be that I’m simply a HUGE Harry Potter fan, but I find it exceptionally inspiring.  There were so many times when I was younger that no one would listen to me because I was a child.  I am only 22 now, and still, I have people telling me that I am too young to know what I am talking about, no matter the subject.  It is a rare occasion I find someone that is willing to listen to what I have to say, to actually hear me out. 

It is something I really do not understand.

Since when does age determine our knowledge and/or wisdom?  There are many children and teens that have been through so much more than most of can even imagine.  They probably know much more than some of the elderly.  Everyone should have to opportunity for someone to listen to them.  Everyone always says, “respect your elders”, well where is that respect for peers and those younger than you?  Do they not also deserve respect?

Not only could children be giving you honesty and truth, but by not listening to them, you could seriously impact how they approach all situations in the future.  Say, for instance, that a child is being bullied.  They come to tell you repeatedly, and you do not listen to them or believe them.  In a few years, that same child is being raped and/or molested.  Do you think that they will say anything to anyone about the horrible things happening to them?  Odds are, probably not.  They weren’t believed when it was something smaller; now, it’s a bigger situation, but why would they be believed now? 

Listening to someone can have a bigger impact on them than anyone may realize.  A simple talk with someone can make them more confident in themselves.  It can let people know they are cared about, that they matter.  One conversation could mean life or death for someone, and you can be the reason they live.  Many suicides are the result of feeling like someone doesn’t matter, and a conversation can change all of that.

No matter their age, will you listen to someone today?


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