Lately, I’ve been thinking A LOT about child education.  Mostly, just about my daughter and how she isn’t talking much.  Granted, she is only 17 months old, but she usually refuses to say anything.  She knows a lot of words and has said them before, but now, for some reason, she won’t hardly anything except “Momma” and “Daddy”.  I’ve been trying to come up with new ways to get her to talk, and I’ve even tried not giving her what she wants until she tells me, but then she just gets so upset, I have to give in.  If anyone knows anything that can help, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

All of that, though, has got me thinking about other issues for children with education.  Most parents I know depend on teachers to literally teach their children everything.  I am pretty much completely against that idea.  Now don’t get me wrong, I know teachers are there to, well, teach, but education should not be solely on them.  For example, I am going to ensure my daughters know how to read, count, and their ABC’s before they start school.  My parents made sure I knew, and I will do the same for them.  I don’t really understand parents that do not want to help their children succeed by simply making sure they are prepared with the basics before they go to learn advanced things in school.  So many I know complain that their child(ren) aren’t doing as well as they would like (below average), but then in the same conversation, they will say that their child can’t count or read and the teacher won’t teach them to do those things.  Well, of course not!  Those things should be on you to help them with.  Teachers have classrooms of 20 kids or more.  They simply do not have time to teach children every single little thing while keeping with curriculum to ensure they learn all they need to by the end of the school year.  As parents, why shouldn’t we help them out?

If you don’t want to personally help your child succeed in school, please get them a tutor or someone who is willing to put in that kind of time.  I understand that a lot of parents work full-time, and don’t have the time, but please find them someone who does.  If children do not succeed early on in school, how can we expect them to graduate?  Our children are the future of this world; don’t you want our future to be good?  I do.  I am willing to help any child that needs it.

I found this really awesome website that sells books by the box.

Boxed Children's Books

They sell these books for all different age groups.  One for really young kids, toddler to Kindergarten, elementary, etc.  They are very reasonably priced, too.  I want to buy some for my girls, as well as the shelf filler box for myself!  I think things like this are really good tools for helping children with their education.  When they are little, you read to them.  That begins their love of reading and books.  Then, you let them read to you, which continues it.  Then, they learn to read on their own by themselves.  Reading is like the roots of a tree when it comes to education.  It is the foundation you can’t hope to succeed without.  I want my girls to love to learn, well, really I want all children to love to learn.  I am a Psychology major in school, and I hope to never stop learning about people, and I really want everyone to share in that.

Lack of education could lead to a life to crime and violence.  That statement in itself is a little extreme I know, but it could be true.  For instance, a child doesn’t get an education, so they cannot get a good job.  They do not have enough money for things, so they begin stealing things.  They steal from the wrong person one day, and the person comes after them.  So on and so forth.  That is not a good thing for anyone.  Let us all be a part of stopping the cycle of violence.  We help all children succeed, and maybe, just maybe, we help lower the crime rate in the world.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?  Successful young adults, and lower crime rates.  I think so.  I want the world to be a safer place for generations to come, and I would be awed if I could be a part of making it so.  It would be helpful to so many people.  That is the exact reason I have such a love for Psychology, to help people.  It is my passion.  I cannot wait until I am all done with school, so that I can help people.  Even if it’s just one person that benefits from me, I know I have done something good for someone else.  Shouldn’t that be what life is about, doing good for others?

help is here


A child’s voice..

ImageThis quote is interesting by itself for sure, but it has so much meaning behind it.  It could be that I’m simply a HUGE Harry Potter fan, but I find it exceptionally inspiring.  There were so many times when I was younger that no one would listen to me because I was a child.  I am only 22 now, and still, I have people telling me that I am too young to know what I am talking about, no matter the subject.  It is a rare occasion I find someone that is willing to listen to what I have to say, to actually hear me out. 

It is something I really do not understand.

Since when does age determine our knowledge and/or wisdom?  There are many children and teens that have been through so much more than most of can even imagine.  They probably know much more than some of the elderly.  Everyone should have to opportunity for someone to listen to them.  Everyone always says, “respect your elders”, well where is that respect for peers and those younger than you?  Do they not also deserve respect?

Not only could children be giving you honesty and truth, but by not listening to them, you could seriously impact how they approach all situations in the future.  Say, for instance, that a child is being bullied.  They come to tell you repeatedly, and you do not listen to them or believe them.  In a few years, that same child is being raped and/or molested.  Do you think that they will say anything to anyone about the horrible things happening to them?  Odds are, probably not.  They weren’t believed when it was something smaller; now, it’s a bigger situation, but why would they be believed now? 

Listening to someone can have a bigger impact on them than anyone may realize.  A simple talk with someone can make them more confident in themselves.  It can let people know they are cared about, that they matter.  One conversation could mean life or death for someone, and you can be the reason they live.  Many suicides are the result of feeling like someone doesn’t matter, and a conversation can change all of that.

No matter their age, will you listen to someone today?

Regrets? no more.

Regrets? no more.

This writing prompt really interested me.  In so many different situations, I have felt regret.  Most of the people I know talk all the time about how much they regret this or that, but lately I’ve wondered, do you really need to regret anything?  Maybe you made a bad decision, a mistake, or just did something you absolutely knew was the wrong thing to do, do you need to regret it?  All regret does is make you feel badly about what you’ve done, the decisions you made, or yourself entirely.  On countless occasions, I have done all of these things, and honestly, I used to regret them too.

Then my turning point hit.

I had done the worst thing I think I could have ever done.  I was unfaithful.

I felt so guilty and regretful for months and months. 

What I did was horrible.  No doubt about it.  I have moved on, though, from hating myself and regretting what I did, all for the sole purpose of my daughters.  Jade was already here.  I couldn’t abandon being a good mother to her because I felt badly about what I had done.  I had to be there for her, to provide for her, and take care of her.  Then there was Arya.  The beautiful baby girl that I had not come to know yet.  She was quickly forming in my belly.  The worst decision I could have ever made is also one of the most precious gifts I have come to receive.  She is the product of my unfaithfulness.  How could I regret something that gave me such a wonderful gift?

Had I continued to be regretful, I believe that I may have resented my daughter.  I could never allow that to happen.  My children mean the world to me, no matter how they came to be here.  I cannot hate myself for what I did, because I need to be able to be the mother they need and deserve. 

I encourage everyone to stop being regretful about anything they have done as well.  It is harmful to yourself.  Think about it in a new light.  Instead of how what you did was wrong or bad, think how life would be different if you didn’t do whatever it is you did.  I understand that could be hurtful as well, but regrets are simply mistakes that you have yet to learn from.  The more you make, the wiser you shall become.  Not saying I am wise by any means, but I have had my fair share of regrets.  I hit rock bottom, and they all came flooding to me.  I decided not to stay down.  Anything I had done would simply make me stronger.  Now, I don’t let nearly as many things affect me like they used to. 

Starting New.


Hi! I’m Kari.  I started this blog simply to have a way to write out what I’m feeling or share things I’m doing.  I felt that it would be good for me, and I absolutely love to write, so here I am!  I am a young mother of two beautiful young girls, Jade 17 months, Arya 1 month.  I have a whole lot going on all the time, and thought it may be fun to share.  I love reading other blog posts, and hope one day, people will love to read mine too.  My main love in life is my girls for sure.  They are my entire world.  Aside from them, I have my husband, Will, and recently, I have developed a love for cooking and baking. I stay home with my girls all week and work the weekends when Will is off, so I stay super busy all of the time.  I am really surprised by the person I am now.  I never wanted kids, always thought I would never be married nor have children, but I am so glad I did.  They have become my entire world.  I have a pure love of Psychology, and I plan to return to school soon to continue my education for it.  Reading is my passion, and even though I do not have a lot of time for it lately with everything else going on, I still love it and try every chance I get.  Well, that’s me.  This is my first time blogging, so I’m still figuring everything out.  I hope you will enjoy this blog.